Famous Shrewsbury Schools

Located in Worcester County, Massachusetts, Shrewsbury is a unique town that’s not your typical farming village or mill town. The town also has a number of well-known schools and academic institutions. Let’s take a look at some of the town’s famous schools.

Oak Middle School

Oak Middle School is a popular public school that’s located next door to Sherwood Middle School and is designated for 7th and 8th grade students. The school has a vibrant and healthy environment that offers a wide array of subjects, from music, band chorus, mathematics, orchestra and chess to foreign languages, science, social sciences, health, English language arts and others. The school is headed by its principal Ann. M. Jones, who took over starting the 2011-2012 academic years. This institution is the only middle school in the Shrewsbury Public Schools district.

Shrewsbury High School

Shrewsbury High School is a public high school that offers students a wide array of academic and extracurricular activities. It offers students a vibrant, challenging and healthy environment that promotes independent and creative thinking. It also provides diverse learning opportunities and enables students to become active, concerned and capable individuals who positively contribute to the world they live in. The school’s current principal is Todd Bazydlo. It is the top high school in the Shrewsbury Public Schools district.

Saint John’s

Another notable school in Shrewsbury is St. Johns, a four-year college preparatory school. Here, students are bracketed in several levels, from Advanced Placement to Honors, Level I and Level II. Students are required to take courses in Religious Studies, Christian Morality and Justice, Introduction to Biblical Literature, along with the other traditional subjects. Senior students are also offered elective subjects such as World Religions, Bioethics, Christian Life, and/or The Catholic Church in History. The school also offers 24 Advanced Placement courses for students. Saint John’s is very popular, not just in the state, but around the US as well because its graduates consistently elevate to famous Ivy League universities and other top-ranked colleges, and it’s also one of the best Advanced Placement schools in the country. It was recently honored by the Siemens Foundation as the state’s top science, math and technology AP school.

While Shrewsbury had a colorful past as the leading leather and sawmill manufacturing town, it is now home to an increasing number of popular retail and biotechnology companies. The town’s population currently stands at 35,608, according to the 2010 US Census. It is 45 minutes from Boston and 10 minutes from downtown Worcester. The town’s educational institutions are renowned for offering world-class education, enhanced learning through technology, and an environment that’s conducive for engaging and challenging all students and increasing their value to the community.

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